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sid 12 Avril 2003 CD 1 iso is broken


I wanted to install sid on my new laptop in order to be able to boot 2.5.68+ kernel after testing it on my desktop. I downlaoded the 12 April 2003 sid iso image, booted from cd started installation.

I was able to select the language, then the keyboard, the cdrom was detected but then when trying to preload from cd and install modules everything went wrong. I get the message :
	Cannot find/execute discover

and yes the pacakes has not been preinstalled. Using the shell and trying to install from packages on CD before restarting install, I get other erros because ldconfig is not found (probably should install libc6...).

Do anyone has a hint/fix avoiding to use a testing iso and then upgrade (NB I'm a rather experienced debian/linux user).

NB : my laptop is an exotic ASUS and I'm home so installing from jiddo or net is painfull...

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