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Re: Redusing the list of selectable languages

[Denis Barbier]
> 3 different locales for Norwegian people.  Lucky guys ;)

I would rather have only one Norwegian locale, instead of having to
maintain three different versions of all texts.  Only one french
locale... Lucky guus.

Feel free to suggest other locales for the short list.

> What needs to be fixed?

Bug #188147.

> I suggest shipping one problematic charset in order to help testing.

I do not think it is enough.  Some languages displayed OK in the gtk
frontend (japanese?), while others where missing (chinese?).  In
addition, for instance russion do not have any glyphs in common with
neither japanese or chinese, so I think we want to test that to.
Latvina have some extra characters which I have no idea where we
should get them from.  We need to fix all of these, not just one of

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