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Re: Problem : Kernel panic : VSF : Unable to mount root fs on 03 : 41

Moin Kurt!
Kurt Bernhard Pruenner schrieb am Tuesday, den 08. April 2003:

> He didn't say whether he's using a USB keyboard or not, but if he is -
> could it be that the keyboard just plain doesn't work? 
> Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think that the 2.2.20 kernel on the
> boot floppies has USB support.

Can happen, if you have a unlucky combination of BIOS/keyboard, where
the keyboard emulation freezes short after the kernel start. The only
solution in this case is booting with the bf2.4 flavor _from CD-ROM_ or
use the special kernel argument to continue after 20 seconds or so, see
boot screens.


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