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Re: Net image far too big

[Erik Andersen]
>> Is pump the smallest dhcp-client available?
> No.  udhcp is smaller.

Anyone know why we use pump and not udhcp?

>> The shell can be built as part of busybox.  Would we save space on this?
> Using busybox ash would save a small amount of space.  If you were
> able to use the busybox msh or hush shells, then even more space
> could be saved at the expense of a degree of behavorial differences
> for less used shell features.

I believe we want a Bourne shell compatible shell, to avoid surprises.
Are msh and hush compatible with Bourne shell?

I also suspect we want a POSIX-compatible shell, but there might be
border cases where we prefer non-POSIX behavior.  I do not have any
examples available.

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