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Re: Cannot install sig

On Mon, Apr 14, 2003 at 01:40:53PM -0700, Tom Oswald wrote:
> I downloaded the 12 iso images for sig and booted the first one.  I get 
> the following:
> 1. Choose language
> 2. Detect a keyboard and select layout.
> 3. Detect CDROM
> 4. Load installer modules
> 5. Verify the cd contents
> 6. Execute a shell
> I went through all of them, but installation never starts.  Is there a 
> program I need to run inside of 6, i.e., execute a shell?

This is the new version of the installer, which is in the alpha
stage. You need to install woody instead, you only need the first CD
of woody. Then don't choose any extra packages from tasksel or
dselect, add entries to your sources.list for your sarge (testing) CDs
using apt-cdrom, and then

apt-get dist-upgrade


Chris Tillman
- Linux Rox -

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