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Re: Net image far too big

On 14 Apr 2003 09:24:04 +0200
Tollef Fog Heen <tfheen@raw.no> wrote:

> The net image is by far too big to fit on a floppy.  We need to fix
> this somehow:

We can create more space on the msdos format, currently we do

mkfs.msdos -i deb00001 -n 'Debian Installer' -C $(FLOPPY_IMAGE).new $(FLOPPY_SIZE)

which gives us 1424 kBytes, if we change it to

mkfs.msdos -f 1 -r 16 -i deb00001 -n 'Debian Installer' -C $(FLOPPY_IMAGE).new $(FLOPPY_SIZE)

then we get 1435 kBytes, a saving of 11kB

-f tells it to only use 1 FAT instead of 2
-r is equivalant to setting the number of inodes i think.


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