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newt frontend: Asian chars and line-drawing chars working


I've got the i18n and line-drawing chars working for the Newt front-end
in d-i. For a test, download 'initrd' from
http://people.debian.org/~mckinstry, and try it (vmlinuz 2.4.20-1), with
vga=0x314 as a kernel parameter.
(Sorry about the lack of screen-shot; vmwares' emulation doesn't stretch
that far: it breaks on vesa screen modes and UTF8).

This depends on a patch to slang, (NMU in queue), and an upgraded newt,
which will be uploaded when the slang NMU hits the archive. For the
moment they are also available at p.d.o/~mckinstry

It also requires the bterm from BOGL library; I'm creating a udeb patch
for it.

For localisation, what remains is a solution for the font. At the moment
the makefile builds a reduced font, based on the chars needed for the
udebs in the initial image. I think what is required after that is a
package that includes the _full_ unicode font; If we are to allow
base-config, or more, to be run within a chroot, the list of needed
chars is unbounded (in particular, it can change _after_ the initial
media is created ). So I'm creating a di-console-font udeb to do this in
debian-installer/tools.  (There was a package I'd expected to use ,
console-fonts-udeb, within the console-tools source deb, but as that is
pure console fonts, rather than bdf / bterm fonts, it would be cleaner
to start afresh and remove console-fonts-udeb).


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