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Re: d-i - Automated installs

> This is a kickstart file I have used for Red Hat Linux 7.3.
> Using this, I can install a RHL desktop on a Celeron (about) 900 in
> under 15 minutes, with no interaction.

I've been thinking how this chould be done in d-i.  I believe we need
three things:

  - All packages using debconf to store info and ask questions.

  - A menu option to save the current debconf database to floppy as a
    text file.  This could be used at the end of the install to save
    all the answers used.

  - A boot option should be available to point d-i to the file on the
    floppy, and it should load all answers from there, and set

This would make it possible to do one manual install, save the setup
to floppy and edit the debconf answers to fit ones need, and then use
this floppy for the rest of the hosts.

In skolelinux, we use a similar mechanism to automate base-config.
I'm not sure if it is possible to extract all cdebconf answers like we
do with our debconf-save-answers for debconf,

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