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Re: Net image far too big

tis 2003-04-15 klockan 15.07 skrev Wouter Verhelst:
> Op di 15-04-2003, om 12:35 schreef Alastair McKinstry:
> > I think the single net floppy is dead, too, unfortunately.


> > Because of all this, I recommend that we go to a kernel floppy + initrd
> > floppy solution, with USB modules on the initrd floppy.
> > This also should give us the space to have i18n in the net floppy case.
> I do think, though, that it would be better to provide multiple flavors,
> then. I'm thinking of one 'minimal' netinstall-system which fits on a
> single floppy, which supports most (but maybe not all) hardware, and
> which does not support i18n; and a 'full-blown' floppy-set which does
> support all of the above, but which does not fit on a single disk.

Would it be possible to advance-ify our build process to build a single
net floppy if possible, and go to two if not? Maybe it's a bad idea.
Multiple flavours is nice, but not if we end up with too many!

> As such, our users can choose what they like most; and if you remember
> that e.g. RedHat's netinstall floppy does not support graphical
> installations[1], I don't think that would be a drawback when you
> compare our installer to theirs.
> [1] At least not with 7.1 it didn't

But they do support i18n on a single net floppy.

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