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Re: boot problems with asus cuv266-d mainboard

Il gio, 2003-04-03 alle 15:18, kpn ha scritto:
> Hello Linux-Support,
> I have several problems to install Linux on my computer. I have tested 
> the distributions
> Debian Woody, Suse 8.1 and Knoppix 3.1 on my computer using any 
> possibility of hardware
> configuration.
> Following I discribe all of my computer components:
> motherboard:
> ASUS CUV266-D DUAL Pentium III 1000 Mhz,
> chipset VIA Appollo Pro266 North Bridge VIA VT8633 South Bridge VIA VT8233
> memory:
> 512 MB DDR266
> graphic card:
> ASUS V8200 Pure GeForce 3
> sound card:
> Terratec DMX XFire 1024
> Debian Woody:
> Here was also no problem to install Linux from bootable CD. The system 
> reboots after installation
> properly, but with some failure messages with grahic card and/or screen 
> detection. But I was able
> to get login as root so I started to find the problem in the system and 
> a solution in the
> documentation of Debian Woody. But I was not able to install or 
> configure Xfree86 or any of the
> windowmanager (xdm, gdm, kdm). So I got no GUI. That is the result of 
> the installation with the
> compact kernel. All installations of the other kernels failed.

I would suggest to install a 2.4 kernel in order to have the AGP support
(kernel module agpgart) and then install XFree using the VESA driver.


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