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Re: "Official" netinst CD images -- feedback appreciated?

[Ralph Aichinger]
> I just wanted to install another machine, and feeling fearless I
> tried the testing netinstall CD from
> http://gluck.debian.org/cdimage/testing/netinst/ (the larger one),
> with date from Apr18.

Good to see a test report again. :)

> Is this the right place to give feedback?

Yes, this is a good spot. :)

> Is there somewhere an explanation against which packages bugs 
> should be filed[1]?

Not that I am aware of.

> Or are these images in a known-bad state so that filing bugs is
> not really a good idea?

Just file the bugs.

> [1] Main problems were:
> 1) There is no ifconfig/route in busybox now, although the scripts
>    obviously use it. I tried by hand, but was to stupid for the new
>    syntax without having documentation. ip has no manpage ATM btw,
>    which makes this situation worse still.

This is a problem with source package netcfg or busybox, depending on
your view. :)

> 2) Modules for ne2k-pci would not load, even though it was identified
>    correctly. Loading by hand helped.

This is a problem with ethdetect (source ddetect).  I am rewriting it
as we speak, so please wait until the new version is available before
you report bugs.

> 3) Changing the keyboard to german quertz would not work, giving
>    following errors (retyped) the first time:
>    Failed to mount USB filesystem (r.a.: don't have USB) to activate
>    USB keyboard.
>    Will add USB keyboard option just in case.
>    Can't tell if keyboard present; add no keyboard option.
>    Configuring kbd-chooser failed

This is a problem with kbd-chooser.

> 4) Installing the base system did not work giving some strange error
>    (scrolling by much too fast). Will look up if of interest.

This is a problem with base-installer.  Messages are of interest, yes. :)

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