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Moving d-i to discover2. (Was: Discover 1.5-2 pre-release available)

[Branden Robinson]
>> Agreed. I think ethdetect is the most critical thing to get working, and
>> I'll try to have a look at it.
> Cool.  As I said before, just let us know what you need.

OK.  The d-i modules using discover are now reorganized and rewritten
to limit the discover-udeb dependency to a single package hw-detect in
source ddetect.  I've tried to steal the code to handle both discover1
and 2 from xfree86, but it only lists video cards.  I need the
discover2 equivalent of the following command line:

  /sbin/discover --format="%m\t%V\t%M\n" \
      --disable-all --enable=pci,ide,scsi,pcmcia scsi cdrom

How do I get discover2 to output the same info, only with kernel 2.4
kernel module names?

When hw-detect is fixed to handle both discover 1 and 2, it should be
safe to upload discover2 into unstable.  It would be nice if this is
done quickly, to get the sarge test release done by the end of this

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