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2.2.1 Re: 2.2.1 *Ivan surprise* Re: 2.2.1 - s/Paypal/Überweisung/g Re: 2.2.1 - s/Paypal/Überweisung/g 2.2.1 and woody _Probably_ unrelated, but... (Re: Unix "lifetime-mail") access to local Xserver? Antialiased font problem Audio CD & MP3s... audiocd ioslave autounmounting floppies on logout building official debian packages with objprelink w/ java does not work cupsd won't start Deadkeys Debian Alpha builds Dependancy failure for kdelibs3 desktop icons moving Disable JavaScript Does Font AA Exist In KDE 2.2? everything depends on kdelibs3 but... Extension XVideo is missing.... (X4,Banshee) font problem in X 4.1 in testing Font problem with 2.2 Font question yet again Fonts missing From "On The Desktop" today Getting flash plugin to work. Help, no kfmclient/konqueror wants to open a window anymore :-0 How to do some things in KDE 2.2 apt line??? Ivan's present update Java in KDE (was Re: Sound in KDE) just for your information on the BTS KDE 2.2 & Woody KDE 2.2 icon labels KDE 2.2.1 and testing kde 2.2.1 dependencies Re: KDE 2.2.1 Dependencies kde an objprelink KDE Control Center acting weird KDE Multimedia Player (noatun) kde system wide file associations Re: kde-i18n kde-i18n and locale? kde-i18n trouble after upgrade to Woody KDE2.2 crypto kde2.2 on woody kde3 kdecore FATAL problem? kdekillall kdevelop not translated KDM and ip aliasing kdm login problems :( key-bindings change independently .. KLISA in Testing/Woody KMail -> Aethera kmail 2.2.1 segfaults moving multiple messages from IMAP folder to local maildir KMail and Message-ID: header field Kmail crashes upon receipt or sending of mail Kmail crashes when attaching a file to a post Kmail crashs upon receiving mail Kmix in KDE-2.1.2 KNewsTicker??? KNode sorts incorrectly by date koffice Koffice 1.1 For KDE 2.1.2 On Potato ? Konqueror 11(SIGSEGV) Konqueror crashes konqueror crashes after latest apt-get upgrade konqueror image preview size limit Konqueror is restoring the font each time I configure something... Konsole and MMB paste konsole fonts (2.2.1) kscreensaver broken KScreenSaver Does Not Work kxkb problems. large ~/.kde dir Launcher fails everycommand, Kcontrol desktop module libfam Locate problem Lock a kde2-session more alpha build bits more info on alpha builds Mouse problems after upgrading to Woody (X4) New to Debian & KDE - upgrade to 2.2.1 No kdvi package (KDE2.2) No Krayon in unstable noatun doesn't play anything not loading objprelink objprelink and lintian errors Perl binding? PLESE help me with my kppp connection PLEASE printing from kword had bad font substitution Printing with KDE 2.2 Problem with apt and kdemultimedia-dev RE: Problems with kdevelop 1.4 protocol https is not supported Qt Libraries -- ./configure not finding them Remove System Tray Applet schmoozing for Ivan.... Screensaver ? SCSI (aic7xxx) and KDE select gui at startup self-aligning icons on the desktop Simple way to downgrade libc6 (fix Konqueror, Mozilla and Galeon problems) smb ioslave & accents Sound in KDE Strange delays - new to this Please Help! Thanks Suggestion for konsole To Ivanovich... Trying to circle in on bug, assistance needed Uname output on Woody Unix "lifetime-mail" RE: Updated KDE on Progeny? Usable browser User Sound in KDE 2.2.1 WG: PAM and gpm whew, I'm back... WinLinux Wrong file name xftcache dies on segmentation fault xinerama xinerama again XMMS Is Broken? The last update was on 06:07 GMT Mon May 13. There are 363 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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