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Re: self-aligning icons on the desktop

--- Bud Rogers <budr@sirinet.net> wrote:
> Suddenly the icons on my desktop insist on being aligned vertically down the 
> left side of the screen, and in an order of their own choosing.  If I drag 
> them somewhere else they snap right back where they were.   
> Anyone else seeing this?  Have you found a way to turn it off?

It's happened to me at least twice, and both times I've struggled through the
various menus and options with no direct effect; however, logging off and then
back on seems to have fixed the problem. Whether it was simply logging off/on
alone that did it, or this in combination with changing of some of the options,
I'm not sure. If it happens again, I'll try and pay more attention to what I do
so I can report back. 

If the problem persists, perhaps check if its with all users or just one? If
its just the one account, you might be able to create a new profile and copy
over your old settings/data bit-by-bit to work around the problem.

Hope this helps,

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