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RE: Printing with KDE 2.2

On Wednesday 05 September 2001 08:52 am, Gilger.John wrote:
> G'Morning Wondrous Wizards,
> I recently upgraded to Sid and KDE 2.2. My printer, which worked
> perfectly with Woody and KDE 2.1 doesn't want to play with Sid and KDE
> 2.2. I used Apsfilter to setup my /etc/printcap file (if that has
> anything to do with this)
> John

Twould be nice if you could expound a bit on what /exactly/ the problem
(error messages, whatnot), along with what printing sub-system you use
vs. cups vs. whatever).  Oh, and what printer you use would be helpful
well :-)



Error message: "printer not found"
Print system: lpr
Printer: Epson CS800 using GS uniprint drivers

from console "cat foo > lpr" works
test print in apsfilter works

printing from kmail, konqueror, kword, or anything else in KDE gives
error msg.
I have three resolutions and a "raw" printer. They are displayed in KDE
print manager. I did set one as my default. Clicking the "test" button
in KDE Print Manager gives error messsage.

Would it be better to change from lpr to lnprg or cups?



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