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Trying to circle in on bug, assistance needed

A few weeks ago, I reported bug #108698 against konqueror, which has
been tagged unreproducible by Ivan. I have since waited for 2.2.1 to
be released, hoping that they would silently fix it.

Apparently they didn't, though - so since my system seems to be the
only one where the problem occurs, I decided to try and find the
problem myself, which is as follows:

HTML preview in general seems to be broken. When I have it enabled and
look at a directory containing a couple of HTML files, CPU load goes
up to 100% for a 1-2 minutes, and X completely freezes. For brief
period each two minutes or so, X wakes up again, giving me the chance
to press the back button to get out of the directory in question
again. If I don't X will freeze again for 1-2 Minutes. Running it for
a couple of hours overnight will finally display all the HTML previews.

The bug report only mentions viewing the contents of .tar.gz's,
however currently, using konqueror 2.2.1 from unstable (on an
otherwise woody system) that happens with normal directories also.

I have checked bugs.kde.org to see if such a problem had been already
reported, but I couldn't find any mention of it. 

Does anyone here have the same problem, or any suggestions by what it
could be caused?

thanks for your help!


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