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printing from kword had bad font substitution

Is everyone OK with printing from KWord in Sid?

I have the following situation:

* printing from the program fails becasuse the lpr command 
KWord cooks up contains both parts of the printer name I have 
in /etc/printcap (something like lpr -P"lp|HP Laserjet in the 
Lab" ...), but at least I can still print to a file...

When I do print to a file, I find that the fonts are wrong.  
Editing a simple document containing only times at a mixture 
of font sizes and bold/italic/normal, it looks like the 
non-bold fonts are having sans-serif fonts substituted in the 
postscript output (the printer and preview versions are the 

I've no idea where to start looking for printer configuration 
oprtions to try and fix this.

I do have cups packages installed, but am not using them at 
the moment (unlike some other list contributors, I've not 
every had any problems getting lpr to work... lucky me!  Just 
showing my age, I guess 8-)

Any clues would be very much appreciated.



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