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To Ivanovich...

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A collection of the comments attached to the epayments.  I didn't include 
amounts because that's not what's important (everyone gave what they could).

GOOD ON YA, IVAN! I hope this small donation will help express my "thanks" 
for all your work on Debian KDE. I also hope all these donations will help 
sooth your raw nerves brought on by the puerile complaints of the "GIMME ALL 
I WANT - RIGHT NOW" faction on the Debian-KDE Mailing List. These people are 
a pitiful minority, you know! Illegitimus Non-Carborundum = "Don't let the 
bastards wear you down" <g>. Cheers, -Don Spoon- 

I guess my vote would go to the please wife fund (I am married to :) Stephen 

Hi, David, here's my part for thanking Ivan.. Yifang Dai  

Good luck with it all! I think this is a great tribute to Debian and users of 
Debian that people are coming together like this to show their appreciation. 
Cheers and thanks again, Mike 

This is for the reward for Ivan fund. I've been lurking on this list since 
the beginning of the month  when I first installed debian 2.2r3 then (after a 
bit of detective work) kde 2.1.2. Thanks, Nigel Pauli. 

This is a great idea. The Debian Project should setup a PayPal account. James 

A small token of our thanks for the outstanding work Ivan has done to make 
KDE for Debian a resounding success. FROM Bud Rogers, budr@sirinet.net VIA 
Pat Scott, his better half, bramble@sirinet.net :) 

If it wasn't for Ivan's kde packages I don't think my wife would have 
switched! David Kuntz

In other news, echecks are still trickling in, and the Germans are still 
organizing (Matt Schulz taking care of that?), so I figure we'll let it ride 
for another couple days, then I can get the gift(s) over the weekend and ship 
saturday/monday.  Votes seem to be leaning towards a REI gift certificate + 
cash for the trip to Ireland.  Any objections/other ideas?

Again, thank you to everyone who has helped out with this....

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