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Re: 2.2.1

> So:
> I think it's time for a reward. I also think several people here would
> agree with me. And I ALSO think we can all spare $10 or something for a
> good cause. ;)
> So, tell us what you would like, a CD burner, new harddisk, 21" TFT flat
> screen (ok, you'll need a lot of fans for that ;) and I'll try to
> coordinate the rest. (If someone who lives geographically nearer to you
> wants to take over it's fine with me and probably easier, though. I've
> done
> this before but never internationally ...)

It's a great idea to appreciate the great work of a great man!!!
Thanx Ivan for your packages, it's worth even more.

And Jens: you can count on me...

Wenn auch die Sicherheit vor den Menschen bis zu einem gewissen Grade 
eintritt durch eine bestimmte Macht, Störungen zu beseitigen, und 
durch Reichtum, so entspringt doch die reinste Sicherheit aus der 
Ruhe und dem Rückzug aus der Masse. (Epikur)

Me, alias Franz Keferböck

GMX - Die Kommunikationsplattform im Internet.

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