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Re: kde 2.2.1 dependencies

On Fri, Sep 21, 2001 at 07:23:10PM +0200, Andreas v. Doemming wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm running potato with KDE 2.1.2 and want to upgrade to KDE 2.2.1.  So I
> added the unstable-tree in the apt-sources (correct ?), in order to
> install just KDE from the unstable tree.  After the first "apt-get
> install kde -s", I was surprised of some dependencies, e.g.
> xfree86-common, perl-base, libncurses5, gcc ...

That's because KDE was linked against those tools. E.g. KDE needs a new
libc6, which requires that some other apps (dpkg, for example) need to be
upgraded as well. dpkg needs perl, so the perl version the upgraded dpkg
needs will be pulled along.
> Now my question: Why do I have to install xfree86-4.1 with KDE ?  I have
> no problem to install KDE from unstable, cause I can use fvwm in case it
> will not work. But I'm unsure to install xfree from unstable.  So what
> can I do ?

Compile KDE yourself - if it works with XFree86 4.0.x, great. But usually
the dependancies mean something, ie. KDE uses some feature that wasn't
available in 4.0.x yet.

I upgraded and I'm happy.

(well, I also upgraded my K-6 500 to a 1.4GHz Thunderbird and that might be
the cause of "some" happiness ;)

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