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Re: 2.2.1 - s/Paypal/Überweisung/g

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> PS: I'd never have anticipated this kind of response.
> You guys ('n' gals) are the best. ;)

On this note, a progress report is in order.  We now have $215 in my paypal 
account alone, with an additional $20 coming by mail and an uspecified amount 
coming as soon as the German's figure out how to get it here :-)  The list of 
people who have contributed so far, minus one name because I left his email 
in my inbox at work:

Patricia Scott
Marc Branchaud
James Morton
David Kuntz
Dan Plaster
Nigel Pauli
Toby Milne
Michael Repass
Patricia Inabnit
Yifang Dai
Robert Snyder
Matttias Schulz

When we get Ivan the present, I am also going to collect all of the comments 
you guys have been attaching to the donations and forward them to him as well.

Speaking of presents, does anyone have any ideas as to what we are going to 
get him?  I think someone mentioned a large monitor, but unfortunetly, they 
cost so much to ship, it might not be feasible :-(  Any other ideas?

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