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KDE Multimedia Player (noatun)

This was a very interesting occurence -- last night, following an apt-get 
upgrade, noatun began functioning on my Debian unstable system.

I realize that I seem to have a rather personal experience in this as no 
other users have reported the problems I've endured.  Previously, noatun 
would simply crash without even opening a window or telling me so much as a 
"by your leave -- your system's fscked".  Now, the skins and everything else 
are functioning normally.

I also think that the 29 other files which were updated last night may have 
had something to do with this.  Oh well, at least my unstable system is a bit 
more stable.

Many thanks go out to the author of such a useful program.  Perhaps in the 
future, he could add a "full screen" mode such as MS Media Player has, so 
that users don't have to limit themselves to a 480x320 window.

Thank you!
Robert Tilley, tilleyrw@cfl.rr.com

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