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Re: xinerama

> Would it be a horrible thing to have a kdelibs-xinerama-x86 , or maybe just a 
> quick howto on downloading the source deb for kdelibs and enabling xinerama?  
> It truly is 1000% better when using dualhead to have it supported by the 
> windowmanager....
> If not, I could probably muddle my way through getting the source...

I would rather have the official .deb's be done the "right" way.  Doing
things the wrong way leads to hacks and unstable code which can become a
pain in the ass to track down and fix bugs.
   1:  apt-get source kdelibs
   2:  cd kdelibs-2.2.1
   3:  vi debian/rules
   4:  add "--enable-xinerama" to the ./configure line
   5:  debuild (need devscripts installed)

I guess the other way around this would be to bug the X guys (not the 
Debian X guy, but the upstream X guys) to stabalize the Xinerama libraries.
This is how we got the Xft shared libs done.  Once they say it's ok then
the Debian X guy will build it as a shared lib.

> Hope you had a great weekend :-)

I did. :)  didn't want to come home.


Ivan E. Moore II
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