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Re: Remove System Tray Applet

Hello Debian-Group!

I got one solution for my problem but this ended in one problem that I
can't understand!

First: I edited the file in /etc/pam.d which is called kscreensaver and
deleted the first line in it, which
implies if a user locks a session then any user can log in again in the
kde-session only when pressing for example the return button or any other
button of the keyboard .
This is one idea to avoid the problem of locking the screen because any
other user can log in again easily and go out of the session, which locks
the screen.

The next problem is: When doing this - and I boot the client-station
remote(ly) again via DHCP - sometimes you can't write something in the
window for log into your kde-user session. Because no button reacts! So I
press "restart X-Server" and then everything works fine.
The next problem is when locking the client-kde-session (lock the screen)
there is no possibility to log in again because the keyboard-buttons
(return for example) give no signal!
The only possibility to go further is to press strg+alt+backspace, but this
can't be the solution I know.

What is the problem with this ? On other machines which I booted locally
there is no problem with this.
I edited also my XF86-Config-4 file but without success!

Do you have any idea?

Any idea will be appreciated! Really!



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