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KLISA in Testing/Woody

I have been happily using klisa to browse my network Samba shares in KDE
compiled for Potato for over six months and have become somewhat
addicted to it.

Recently I upgraded to Debian Testing/Woody on one computer using
apt-get dist-upgrade and klisa stopped working.  I initially thought it
was something I did and re-checked and re-installed all the appropriate
files without any luck in getting it going.  Yesterday, I upgraded
another machine to Testing/Woody using the new boot-floppies and got the
same results....no ability to browse my network shares.

The problem is that the LAN is NOT displayed on the Konqueror "Network"
panel, like it used to be displayed.  Samba is installed and working on
all my Linux machines, and I have a mix of Samba 2.0.7 and 2.1 on the
various machines.  Klisa is running...at least I get the normal messages
on bootup and it has a PID that I can stop/start in the list of running
processes.  The KDE version is the same...2.1.1 on all machines.  I
cannot figure out what is going on.

If any one has klisa running under "testing" could you please tell me
how??  Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


-Don Spoon-

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