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Re: Koffice 1.1 For KDE 2.1.2 On Potato ?

On Sat, 29 Sep 2001 08:26:08 +0200, Johnny Ernst Nielsen wrote:

>> 1) Has anyone got any experience of Koffice 1.1 on KDE 2.1.2 on
>> Potato, that they could share ?
>Not with KOfice 1.1 because...
>> 2) Does anyone know where I could download it from anyway ?
>...if I understand people on this list correct there are no Potato packages.
>If I understand people right then KOffice 1.1 heavily needs KDE 2.2 which 
>needs a lot of new stuff in Debian. The stuff that is in Woody. So making 
>KOffice 1.1 for Potato would be a big back porting job

Aah - *that* I understand - except for the "KOffice 1.1 needs KDE 2.2"
bit.  Again, from the KOffice 1.1 release announcement at
http://www.koffice.org/announcements/announce-1.1.phtml :

    * Required: KOffice 1.1 requires qt-x11-2.2.4 or greater, 
      kdesupport-2.1.x (not needed if using KDE 2.2), and
      kdelibs-2.1.2 or greater. The KDE packages are available 
      from the KDE ftp servers at
      http://master.kde.org/stable/2.1.1/distribution/ and
      Please note, however, that kdelibs-2.1.1 will cause 
      some crashes and anti-aliased font problems. Moreover, 
      both kdelibs-2.1.1 and kdelibs-2.1.2 will not properly 
      accept .doc documents in the file selection dialog (see 
      the release notes for a workaround).

    * Recommended: The KOffice team recommends the use of 
      qt-x11-2.3.1 and kdelibs-2.2. Kdelibs-2.2 provide a few
      additional features, such as improved printing support
      (kdeprint), a scanner plugin, and proper recognition of 
      .doc files in the file selector dialog.

    KOffice 1.1 will not work with versions of Qt older than 
    2.2.4 or versions of kdelibs older than 2.1.1.

All of which says to me that KOffice 1.1 should work fine on KDE 2.1.x
- it just will lack some features or functionality.

>I too would like both KOffice 1.1 and KDE 2.2 on Potato, but it 
>seems we will not have either unless we go Woody.

From what we hear on this list, KDE 2.2 would be great to have ... BUT
I already love my KDE 2.1.1 so much that I'll be perfectly happy to
live with it a fair while longer - it's KOffice 1.0 that's the problem
- in particular KWord < V1.1 (i.e. without the rewritten text-editing
widget) is not really usable.

Could someone on this list who's involved with building Debian KOffice
debs please just comment on what the situation is ?   

If in fact the info at www.koffice.org is just plain wrong then I
hereby volunteer to take on the task of letting them know they need to
update their web pages ;-)   The current situation of confused
information is making Debian look chaotic.

It occurs to me that maybe the score is simply that although the
KOffice packages *would* build on Potato without problem, the Debian
package builders on this list simply haven't had the time to build
them for Potato.  If that's true could someone confirm it, and then
this particular Debian novice will try and be brave enough to compile
KOffice from source.

Thanks and a tip o' the hat to all concerned.

Nick Boyce
Bristol, UK
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