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Re: 2.2.1

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On Sunday 23 September 2001 17:52, Ivan E. Moore II wrote:
> when the cat is away....
> [...]

*impression of mice having evil grins* >:-)

> holy smokes... [...after reading through the thread of messages on this
> subject...]  ok...so I get back from my 4 days of camping off in the
> wilderness where even my cell phone didn't work and wowzers...
> I think you all have gone overboard on this...I don't even know how to
> react...other than to figure out how to squeeze more free time to put
> more into this.

This is why I was pretty leery of buying you computer stuff.  I (personally, 
can't speak for others) didn't want you to see this is the carrot half of the 
"carrot and stick" combo :-)  I'm happy with everything that you do *now*, no 
need to drive your wife even /more/ nuts.....  Think of it as appreciation of 
everything you do, rather than a means of making you feel guilty for not 
doing more.

> I guess I should at least answer the question of what you could spend
> the money on:
>    (in no particular order)
>    *  Donate it to Debian

Good idea, not going to happen.  This is all about you, baby ;-)

>    *  No computer items...I have plenty and really don't have room for
>       anything else at the moment.

/me nods.

>    *  Gift Cert's for R.E.I. would be a plus as I can always spend money
>       there. :)  (R.E.I. for those of you who don't know is an recreational
>       equipment store that just kicks butt)

I have two REI's in town that I could get a gift certificate from.  This is 
definetly doable.

>    *  Someone mentioned movie passes...while that would be awesome, there
>       really isn't a decent movie theatre out here... either way tho I
> would definatly use it...there is a United Artists out here...

All we have are Edward's Cinemas,  maybe UA has something online?

>    *  And the "make the wife happy" bits...ummm...if you want to help in
> this arena I would say this...one of my christmas gifts for my wife this
> year is a trip to Ireland in May. (May is our anniversary...I know it
> sounds strange to give it to her in December...but it gives her 5 months to
> save money and anticipate, plan, and freak out over the trip)...anyways
> I've been planning on doing one of those 11 or 12 day tours where the
> flight, hotel, tour, and some food is included.  If you want to help pitch
> in for this I wouldn't complain. :)

Definetly any cash left over will go to the "making wife happy" fund :-)

> anyways...while I only expect not to be bitched out for the work I do, I
> won't complain if you do this.  Can't complain about free stuff anyways.
> shoot..I still have a crap load of email to dig through and a few bugs to
> fix.
> Ivan

Well, I hope you had a great weekend off.  Welcome back!

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