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Re: Strange delays - new to this Please Help! Thanks

On Saturday Sep 22 14:12 todd mansill wrote:

> ** Sorry about the multiple To: but I'm new to this and I don't know what 
> ** category this falls into: My PC is running KDE2 and I put a program called 
> ** cnet (network layer simulator) which requires tcl/tk to run it's windows on 
> ** and for some reason the program takes 3 minutes before the windows are 
> ** displayed. When I run this at Uni it is instant.

What is cnet? I don't have this tool in my /var/lib/dpkg/available. I
have running Woody. This cnet is not a part of Woody. Is it a part of
Potato (Debian2.2) or Sid? 

However. It sounds like a missconfigured cnet. read man cnet to find
out how to configure.

> ** Also, I just tried to set up my 56K modem and I ran a program called ppp-up 
> ** and followed to instructions to the tee. For some reason once I ran this 
> ** program, my modem connected but Netscape didn't seem to think so.

After my first Debian installation, it was the Potato system, i had the
same trouble. Till i heared about the file /etc/resolv.conf. This file 
is needed to get access to your ISP. And i had to create this file,
cause it was there after installing Debian. For example take a look at 
my /etc/resolv.conf:

domain		http://www.msn.de

> ** Starting system log daemon : syslogd
> ** 
> ** and then also for about another minute when loading the window manager. It 
> ** now takes aboout 5-7 minutes for KDE to load up. Please can someone help me 
> ** with these problems.

Don't know what happens. Also a problem, cause your cnet is busy with his
bad configuration? Or is your hard disk going to nirvana?


Nothing is impossible!

You only need to know the way.



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