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Re: printing from kword had bad font substitution

> * printing from the program fails becasuse the lpr command
> KWord cooks up contains both parts of the printer name I have
> in /etc/printcap (something like lpr -P"lp|HP Laserjet in the
> Lab" ...), but at least I can still print to a file...

AFAICT this is a problem with KDE print support in general.  I switched
over to using cups completely and everything seems to work fine.

> When I do print to a file, I find that the fonts are wrong.
> Editing a simple document containing only times at a mixture
> of font sizes and bold/italic/normal, it looks like the
> non-bold fonts are having sans-serif fonts substituted in the
> postscript output (the printer and preview versions are the
> same).

Apparently WYSIWYG support for printing is now in CVS but won't be in
KWord until 1.2.


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