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Re: select gui at startup

>I would suggest you to install kdm. Tnis is the most comfortable way.
>It is fully customizable thrue a gui, and has many usefull options.
Of course this is strictly a personal preference thing ;-)

>If you allready have installed an other login manager, I suggest you
>to deinstall them, because IMHO it does'nt make sense to install more
>than one of them.
Actually, they conflict with each other so you can only have one installed
at a time anyway. If you currently have gdm installed and run apt-get
install kdm, gdm will be removed due to conflict. The debian X-force team
are currently working on a way to have all three installed and use the
alternatives tools to select which one to use, but this is less-than-alpha
stage right now.


     John Gay

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