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Strange delays - new to this Please Help! Thanks

Hi All,

Sorry about the multiple To: but I'm new to this and I don't know what category this falls into: My PC is running KDE2 and I put a program called cnet (network layer simulator) which requires tcl/tk to run it's windows on and for some reason the program takes 3 minutes before the windows are displayed. When I run this at Uni it is instant.

Also, I just tried to set up my 56K modem and I ran a program called ppp-up and followed to instructions to the tee. For some reason once I ran this program, my modem connected but Netscape didn't seem to think so. Ever since this My KDE has thrown its toys. It now hangs on every window open (between 30secs - 1min). When my PC boots up it hangs for about a minute on the line:

Starting system log daemon : syslogd

and then also for about another minute when loading the window manager. It now takes aboout 5-7 minutes for KDE to load up. Please can someone help me with these problems.

Thanks heaps

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