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I've performed an apt-get of this interesting newsticker but cannot evaluate 
it.  I'm running Debian unstable and have tried the command "knewsticker" but 
that is evidently not correct.

tillarium:/home/tilleyrw# dpkg -l | grep news
ii  knews          1.0b.1-5       Graphical threaded news reader
ii  knewsticker    2.2.0-final-1  A News ticker for KDE
ii  knewsticker-sc 2.2.0-final-2  scripts for KNewsTicker, the KDE news ticker
ii  libnews-nntpcl 0.37-1         News::NNTPClient, Perl support for accessing
tillarium:/home/tilleyrw# knewsticker
bash: knewsticker: command not found

Any comments, references, or flames are most welcome at the address below.
Robert Tilley, tilleyrw@cfl.rr.com

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