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Re: 2.2.1 - s/Paypal/Überweisung/g

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> 	Is our fearless leader married?? If so, maybe a weekend away (with spouse)
> would be in order. Because if he's a married man, I'm sure all the work
> he's doing for us is taking away from his Lady. :--)  ( I know my work sure
> intrudes!!)
> 	And don't forget, a number of us are still scrambling to get the PayPal
> account up and functioning so there's much more money on the way. If he
> wants a BIG monitor, then he deserves it! :--) We'll cover the shipping
> somehow too.
> Regards,
> Griz

Yes, he's married.  And according to his kde.org interview, she would 
probably greatly appreciate a weekend with him away from computers :-)  
Another option, though it's more boring, is for me to simply cut a check and 
send him the cash to use as he wants to.  Any more ideas?  We got:

1) Huge Monitor (I'm thinking 21")
2) <assorted gadetry, digital camera, scanners, cpu/memory upgrades, etc>
3) Weekend away with wife
4) Movies passes (also mentioned in his interview)
5) Hiking/camping equipment (also mentioned in his interview)
6) ??????

To see the interview I'm talking about, goto 
http://www.kde.org/people/ivan.html.  And of course, we could do combinations 
(movie passes & backpack & 512megs of RAM & leftover cash).  

And please, keep sending in those donations!  The more we have, the better 
present(s) we can afford.  And if you figure out how much time he's put into 
KDE and debian, this is still a small fraction of minimum wage.  

Thanks to everyone who's helped out so far,

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