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Re: KDE Control Center acting weird

Ohh, sorry, I meant no offence to you Ivan..

A quick run through with Gnome apt shows that every package matched the 
availiable ones, and that all important kde debs. like kdelibs, kdebase, 
kdelibs3 and kdelibs3-crypto are up to date (2.2.1-1/2 in most cases), soo I 
have no "old" leftovers causing trouble... Is there any thing special that I 
should be aware of ?

Yes, I'm a moron, I'm aware of that... :) 

- David

On Sat, Sep 22, 2001 at 12:38:20PM +0200, David Nielsen wrote:
> On Saturday 22 September 2001 12:33, George Russell wrote:
> > On Saturday 22 September 2001 12:21 am, David Nielsen wrote:
> > > I just upgraded to SID in order to try out KDE 2.2.1, but now my Control
> > > Center is acting all weird, I get this error message when clicking on
> > > most of the topics:
> > > ---
> > > There was an error loading the module.
> > > The diagnostics is:
> >
> > Your kdecontrol panel is out of sync with its entries, such as desktop
> > preferences. Everything compiled with the same compiler from the same kde
> > version?
> >
> > I get that error with out of date entries hanging around.
> >
> > George
> Well, I got the debs from SID... soo you better ask Ivan..
no..he's asking you for a reason.  All the stuff in sid is up to date however
for various reasons that doesn't mean you are not 100% up to date especially
since you upgraded.  Please verify the versions of all your kde packages
you have installed.


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