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Re: 2.2.1 - s/Paypal/Überweisung/g

On Sunday 23 September 2001 14:55, David Bishop wrote:
> > PS: I'd never have anticipated this kind of response.
> > You guys ('n' gals) are the best. ;)
> On this note, a progress report is in order.  We now have $215 in my paypal
> account alone, with an additional $20 coming by mail and an uspecified
> amount coming as soon as the German's figure out how to get it here :-) 
> The list of people who have contributed so far, minus one name because I
> left his email in my inbox at work:
> Patricia Scott
> Marc Branchaud
> James Morton
> David Kuntz
> Dan Plaster
> Nigel Pauli
> Toby Milne
> Michael Repass
> Patricia Inabnit
> Yifang Dai
> Robert Snyder
> Matttias Schulz
> When we get Ivan the present, I am also going to collect all of the
> comments you guys have been attaching to the donations and forward them to
> him as well.
> Speaking of presents, does anyone have any ideas as to what we are going to
> get him?  I think someone mentioned a large monitor, but unfortunetly, they
> cost so much to ship, it might not be feasible :-(  Any other ideas?
> D.A.Bishop

	Is our fearless leader married?? If so, maybe a weekend away (with spouse) 
would be in order. Because if he's a married man, I'm sure all the work he's 
doing for us is taking away from his Lady. :--)  ( I know my work sure 
	And don't forget, a number of us are still scrambling to get the PayPal 
account up and functioning so there's much more money on the way. If he wants 
a BIG monitor, then he deserves it! :--) We'll cover the shipping somehow 



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