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Re: KDE 2.2.1 Dependencies

Progeny is based on Woody...therefore the new KDE will install properly perhaps
with a few minor updates.

Potato, could be a problem, although perhaps not.

On 21-Sep-2001 Andy Zbikowski (Zibby) wrote:
> There's no way you will be able to install Woody or Sid KDE packages on
> Potato. I even tried compiling the new packages on my Progeny machine and
> they wouldn't build.
> In the short run, it seems the best way to get 2.2.1 on your Potato or
> Progeny systems is to build from source. It's actually not that bad once
> you have all the build dependiencies installed.
> Just setenv KDEDIR /usr/local/kde-2.2.1 (csh) and add
> /usr/local/kde2.2.1/bin to your path.
> So far my build notes look like this:
> kdelibs: ./configure --disable-cups
>         cups support doesn't like to build agnist the cups libs in
>       Progeny. Things work fine without.
> kdebase: ./configure --without-gl
>         Some GL stuff doesn't want to build. No big loss, most
>       machines I'm bouilding this for have POS video anyway.
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