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Re: Font problem with 2.2

On September 24, 2001 23:12, Michael Meskes wrote:
> Could anypone please tell me which font to use? :-)
> Okay, here's the situation. I configured my system to display the Euro
> symbol. To do so I of course need a 8859-15 font. And that's where the
> problem starts. As a matter of fact I need the Euro symbol in just a
> handful of applications one being konsole. There are just 2 8859-15 fonts
> available unless you use anti-aliasing. I do like to way KDE looks with
> anti-aliasing but konsole is rendered almost useless with it. I get
> vertical lines every two or three letters, I get a display that is not
> correctly erased etc.
> For instance I run an ls -R and some lines still contain pixels from before
> the scrolling. Then I run clear and still have quite some stuff lying
> around. Causing a redraw by iconizing and de-iconizing the windows clears
> it correctly.
> Do I miss a configuration option? Or do I need some other fonts? One
> suggestion I got was to install M$ fonts, but I'm not yet willing to do
> that.
> Michael
> P.S.:Please CC me on replies.

If you have KDE 2.2.1, you can run "konsole --noxft", which will turn off 
anti-aliased fonts in the konsole and allow you to use all the standard fonts 
that you could before.

For other apps, if you with to turn off AA fonts, just export QT_XFT=0 before 
you run the app and it will disable AA for it as well (this was the way to 
turn off AA fonts in Konsole before they added the switch).

I hope this is what you are looking for...

Kamil Kisiel (TheVo|ce)
#debian-kde on irc.openprojects.net

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