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RE: Updated KDE on Progeny?

Andy Zbikowski \(Zibby\) wrote:
> For the past few days I've been trying to build an updated version of KDE
> for Progeny. Until recently, the only box I had to do this on was my p266
> laptop so progress has been slow. But now I have a new Progeny install at
> work. Yay! :)
> So anyway, I want to get an updated version going because Konqueror
> doesn't seem to like webbrowsing with the current KDE packages in Progeny,
> and because only very recent versions of Konqueror (2.1.1 and up) work
> with CodeWeavers' CrossOver Plugin (which works very well for streaming
> quicktime movies btw.)
> So which would be better...
> Grabbing the latest potato source packages from kde.debian.net, getting
> the latest kde source packages out of woody or sid, or building it from
> the original source?
> I think I'd perfer to use debs, but I don't want to go about packaging
> KDE myself. So if the source packages won't work I'll default to a source
> install into /usr/local.
> And, if anyone has any tips, would love to hear them!
> Andrew S. Zbikowski

I have been using Ivan's "Potato" version of KDE 2.1.2 since Progeny
Newton came out without problems.  Just install the Progeny version of
KDE (2.0 I think), then go to http://kde.debian.net/ and add the
appropriate lines from there to your /etc/apt/sources.list file.  Do an
"apt-get update", then an "apt-get upgrade" and it will be upgraded to
the 2.1.2 version!!

-Don Spoon-

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