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Re: access to local Xserver?

> I do have a problem though... when I 'su' as a regular user
> i do not have access to the local Xserver to run X-programs.
> This worked before i upgraded to KDE2.2. I'm sure it is just
> a setting somewhere, but i really do not know where to look...
it may be related to the Authorize setting in the [X-:*-Core]
section of kdmrc - set it to false, if you want no X security.
since i don't like the above solution, i have this script in my
root's .profile:

ppid=`ps ho ppid $$`
whose=`COLUMNS=10000 ps heo user,ucmd $ppid`
if test -n "$whose" -a "${whose%% *}" != root; then
  eval $(echo "$whose"|sed -ne 's/.*\<DISPLAY=\([^ ]\+\)\>.*/export DISPLAY=\1/p; t end; d; :end q')
  test "$DISPLAY" && xauth merge $(echo "$whose"|sed -ne 's/.*\<HOME=\([^ ]\+\)\>.*/\1\/\.Xauthority/p; t end; d; :end q')
unset ppid whose

> Additionally, i would like to run software on a server at our
> university and view to output on my screen... this, ofcourse,
> does not work as well...
as long, as these systems are in one nis-/nfs-domain, there should be no
problem. for random hosts, you need something like that:

delphi$ xauth nextract - delphi:0.0 | rsh is2101 /usr/X11R5/bin/xauth nmerge -
delphi$ rsh is2101
is2101$ xterm -display delphi:0.0

you could automate this by extending your xon script.

btw, the simplest solution for transporting xauth data is to use ssh with
X forwarding enabled ...


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