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Re: 2.2.1

when the cat is away....


> So:
> I think it's time for a reward. I also think several people here would
> agree with me. And I ALSO think we can all spare $10 or something for a
> good cause. ;)
> So, tell us what you would like, a CD burner, new harddisk, 21" TFT flat
> screen (ok, you'll need a lot of fans for that ;) and I'll try to
> coordinate the rest. (If someone who lives geographically nearer to you
> wants to take over it's fine with me and probably easier, though. I've
> done
> this before but never internationally ...)

holy smokes... [...after reading through the thread of messages on this
subject...]  ok...so I get back from my 4 days of camping off in the 
wilderness where even my cell phone didn't work and wowzers...

I think you all have gone overboard on this...I don't even know how to
react...other than to figure out how to squeeze more free time to put
more into this.

I guess I should at least answer the question of what you could spend 
the money on:

   (in no particular order)

   *  Donate it to Debian
   *  No computer items...I have plenty and really don't have room for
      anything else at the moment.  
   *  Gift Cert's for R.E.I. would be a plus as I can always spend money
      there. :)  (R.E.I. for those of you who don't know is an recreational
      equipment store that just kicks butt)
   *  Someone mentioned movie passes...while that would be awesome, there
      really isn't a decent movie theatre out here... either way tho I would
      definatly use it...there is a United Artists out here...
   *  And the "make the wife happy" bits...ummm...if you want to help in this
      arena I would say this...one of my christmas gifts for my wife this
      year is a trip to Ireland in May. (May is our anniversary...I know it
      sounds strange to give it to her in December...but it gives her 5 months
      to save money and anticipate, plan, and freak out over the trip)...anyways
      I've been planning on doing one of those 11 or 12 day tours where the
      flight, hotel, tour, and some food is included.  If you want to help 
      pitch in for this I wouldn't complain. :)

anyways...while I only expect not to be bitched out for the work I do, I won't
complain if you do this.  Can't complain about free stuff anyways.

shoot..I still have a crap load of email to dig through and a few bugs to


Ivan E. Moore II
GPG Fingerprint=F2FC 69FD 0DA0 4FB8 225E 27B6 7645 8141 90BC E0DD

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