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Re: select gui at startup

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On Saturday 08 September 2001 08:17, William K. Coulter wrote:
> Hello all,


If you have installed correctly KDE, you should have a startkde script in 
your path. If I understood you correctly, you log in the console and do a 
startx, right?. If that is correct, modify/create a .xinitrc file in your 
home with the startkde command. Give it exec. perms and it should work

If you login using some kind of xdm clone (xdm, gdm, wdm, or whatever) you 
should read the docu. of the login manager to know where are the init. 
scripts. In gdm, take a look at the directory  /etc/gdm/Sessions/  
> Obviously I am new to KDE.  I suspect that this question will entertain the
> usual RTFM comments, but I nonetheless ask for any help or direction.
> I have just set myself up with 2.2r3, my first debian, and have GNOME
> opening on boot, but I would like to know how to (1) make GNOME not start
> on boot, so that (2) I can start KDE (either at boot or from the console). 
> I have no idea how to do any of these things.
> I did 'apt-get install kdebase,' it says it worked, and don't know where to
> go from here.
> If there's a place I can read about this, please point me to it.

Take a look at how X starts. man X xinit startx. Also linuxdoc.org has good 
documentation and howtos, so, Read The Fine Manual ! :-)

Hope that helps
> Thanks in advance,
> - Will


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