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Launcher fails everycommand, Kcontrol desktop module

When I press 'K' and then 'Run Command...'
it fails every command I try...it won't execute any program
though filename is correct :\

I have a module error in Kcontrol when clicking on the desktop
module in Look & Feel(though I don't have that problem when I 
right-click on my desktop and then edit properties)

I still wonder how one changes his background color while Ksplash
execs...in SuSE this is done by changing the root's background,
in Debian it just stays a grey background.

Some info about my system:

ii  kdebase KDE core applications
ii  kdebase-audiol KDE audio libraries amd modules for
ii  kdebase-dev KDE core applications (development
ii  kdebase-libs KDE libraries and modules for kdebase
ii  kdelibs-dev    2.2.0-final-3  KDE core libraries (development files)
ii  kdelibs3       2.2.0-final-3  KDE core libraries (runtime files)

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