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Re: xinerama

On Sat, Sep 22, 2001 at 12:18:46AM -0600, David Bishop wrote:
> Speaking of 2.2.1, does xinerama work for anyone else after upgrading?  It's 
> not even an option in window behavior-> advanced, anymore.  And judging by 
> the behavior (bad, old, maximize across both screens) I would guess it isn't 
> working.  Did Ivan forget to compile --with-xinerama?  Hrrm, well, I can wait 
> until Monday for him to fix it....

Ok...let me see if I can partially explain this.  In order to include
Xinerama support one must link to a static library,  libXinerama.a, since
it is not provided as a shared object.  Unfortunaly this means compiling
in PIC code into a shared object which is a no-no and against Debian
policy.   If you want to know the pro's, con's and the why's on all of
this read through the debian-devel mailing list archives for the past couple
months..you'll see several thread on this.  Originally I found out about
these problems when hppa tried building kdelibs.  hppa's compiler refused
to deal with it and thus a bug report was born.  I originally deal with
this by doing a "if arch is hppa don't compile in xinerama support" however
after reading the discussion on all of this I decided the "right" solution
was to not include xinerama support at this time.  Once the Xinerama lib's
are provided as shared objects I'll enable Xinerama support within the
kde packages.  


Ivan E. Moore II
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