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Remove System Tray Applet

Hello Debian Group!
I already asked you yesterday how to cancel locking out  from a
user-session, but nobody replied.
so I want to specify my question!
Because many of my clients should use KDE - there should be no ability
to lock the screen (I know that with: strg + alt + Backspace you can
loggin as a new user although somebody is locking the screen!), but this
seems to be not the best solution.

But now I tried to remove the "locking-out symbols" called "System Tray
I succed to remove it from the front panel, because I removed the
ksystemtrayapplet.desktop-file in /usr/share/apps/kicker/applets.

Now I want to remove it from the k-Menu. And here I didn't find any way
how to do this.
Also to eliminate this function in the mouse menu - when klicking the
right button of the mouse you can also activate the lock button - would
be a very great help for me!
Is there a way to do this - any ideas ? I already searched for the right
files but at the moment I have no idea any more.

Many thanks in advance


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