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cupsd won't start


I've installed kdelibs3-cups and cupsys. I've also installed drivers 
cups-drivers-hp-0.3.6.tar.gz to get the driver for LaserJet 1100. I was 
obliged to change the ownership of this drivers from 500 to root. When I go 
in the Control Panel, I can't add my printer. I succeded once, but never 
again. When I try to start cupsd, I've got :

lolo:/home/lolo# /etc/init.d/cupsys start
Starting CUPSys: cupsd.

But when I make a ps to see it, I've got :

lolo:/home/lolo# ps aux |grep cupsd
root     14300  0.0  0.3  1360  464 pts/1    S    02:02   0:00 grep cupsd

It seems that it does'nt start.

Any idea ?

Thank you,


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