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Font problem with 2.2

Could anypone please tell me which font to use? :-)

Okay, here's the situation. I configured my system to display the Euro
symbol. To do so I of course need a 8859-15 font. And that's where the problem
starts. As a matter of fact I need the Euro symbol in just a handful of
applications one being konsole. There are just 2 8859-15 fonts available
unless you use anti-aliasing. I do like to way KDE looks with anti-aliasing
but konsole is rendered almost useless with it. I get vertical lines every
two or three letters, I get a display that is not correctly erased etc.

For instance I run an ls -R and some lines still contain pixels from before
the scrolling. Then I run clear and still have quite some stuff lying
around. Causing a redraw by iconizing and de-iconizing the windows clears it

Do I miss a configuration option? Or do I need some other fonts? One
suggestion I got was to install M$ fonts, but I'm not yet willing to do


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