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Re: Kmail crashes when attaching a file to a post

Le 30 Septembre 2001 14:32, Alex Jacques a écrit :
> Whenever I try to attach a file to a message I want to post from Kmail I
> get a SIGSEGV. I've tried large/small and binary/text files - all the same.
> On the bright side I can decode attachments just fine.
> Any ideas? Anyone else have similiar problems?
> I'm running the latest KDE stuff from unstable (eg 2.2.1), but the rest of
> my machine is the latest from testing. I had the same problem w/ 2.2.

I had this problem when I upgraded kmail to 2.2.1 and left some related 
libraries. kdelibs3 I think.

Good luck!

Martin Hamel
Komunidé Développement Internet inc.

15-2 rue Hébert
G1R 3T5

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