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Re: audiocd ioslave

On Wednesday 05 September 2001 02:01 pm, Jonathan Riddell wrote:
> > > Horrors, the best part of upgrading kde 2.2 doesn't seem to have
> > > materialised, there isn't the audiocd: ioslave installed.
> >
> > I have the same problem : In konqueror In get "file or directory /
> > doesn't exist" (in french) when I try audiocd:/
> >
> > Could you help me ?
> Ah hah, it was the kdebase-audilibs package.  Fantastic.
> I got that message when there wasn't a CD in the drive.   Maybe check that
> it is an audio cd and that /dev/cdrom is pointing to your cd-drive.
> Jonathan Riddell

The other common causes are that you don't have rw access to the device (ls 
-l /dev/hd[whatever]), or that you are using scsi emulation, and you don't 
have rw access to the sg device (usually /dev/sg0 (i think)).

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