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WG: PAM and gpm

> Hi everyone,
> i was installing potato from cd. later i updated to testing, but somehow
> there where problems installing kdelibs3. apt-get told me thet it couldn'T
> install because of problems with PAM, saying something is also in package
> kdm (i didn't really understand). i removed all kde and installed again .
> while having problems i removed a directory under
> /usr..../X11/kd[em]/authfiles. Mabye that's why i can,t login into kde
> with no user anymore, though the installation seemed to work well. I guess
> i deleted somthing like a passwd for PAM. Is there something like that and
> can i rebuild it. What else can be the problem.
> By the way, gpmconfig has problems  detecting my mouse. i m using a IBM
> Thinkpad T21. Can anybody tell me the correct mouse-settings.
> Thanks
If this goes to the wrong list plrase tell me the right one

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