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Re: self-aligning icons on the desktop

On Wednesday 19 September 2001 14:21 pm, Mike Repass wrote:
> --- Bud Rogers <budr@sirinet.net> wrote:
> > Suddenly the icons on my desktop insist on being aligned vertically down
> > the left side of the screen, and in an order of their own choosing.  If I
> > drag them somewhere else they snap right back where they were.
> <snip>
> It's happened to me at least twice, and both times I've struggled through
> the various menus and options with no direct effect; however, logging off
> and then back on seems to have fixed the problem. Whether it was simply
> logging off/on alone that did it, or this in combination with changing of
> some of the options, I'm not sure. 

That's exactly what happened here.  And I only changed one option and then 
changed it back when it didn't help.  Oh well, I can live with that.  I was 
worried that the change in behavior was permanent.

Bud Rogers <budr@sirinet.net>
They have awakened a sleeping giant and filled him with a terrible resolve.

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